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Food bug with Charismatic Nature


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We noticed that when one guy in the group had Charismatic Nature skilled, the food usage went up about ten-fold. So what apparently happens is this:

You enter the range of the person with CN skilled, you get higher HP/Stamina - but only the max is raised, not the actual value, so 100/100 becomes 100/120 (just random numbers). Now your food level is lowering fast while you "heal" up to the new max of 120. If you leave the range now, you drop back to a max 100/100, with a lower food counter - the now excessive "energy" goes *poof*. If you re-enter the range, this cycles all the time, burning up lots and lots of food while you heal up to the boosted max, fall back to your default, rinse & repeat.


It got so bad that we put our coins together to buy the book to re-skill that char ro remove Charismatic Nature from him, because it was impossible to keep everyone fed.

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