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Vary Safes/loot box appearance based on low/high gamestage.


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As a "lore appropriate" way of making lower quality tools (like stone stuff) being present in POI loot rooms I'd say there should be 2 different looks of safes and loot boxes.  Low gamestage stuff would not be sealed/locked and would have a previously searched look when you got to it.  "Looted construction box" or "looted safe" for example.  You're not getting the best stuff, you're only getting what other people left behind.  And then when the gamestage increases about the time you start finding firearms you'd start getting the sealed and locked safes we see today.  Air drops can stay the same, why would we assume air drops are giving us their best stuff?  No, they'd keep their best stuff for themselves and drop the essentials for other survivors to help more people live.  The air drops we see are prolly only one of many that drop across the state to help give the scattered survivors a better chance since they are blind drops.

Since the zombie threat continues to escalate with your gamestage this makes thematic sense too.  As things get more dangerous people would stop looting the dangerous places as much and you'd find more valuable loot.  So this is a "quick" way to solve all those complaints about "realism". (asset design is not quick, but this could be a modification of existing assets...which helps).  So this marries both the thematic elements ("realism") and gameplay into a happy whole.  And would only require three new assets, a modified version of lootboxes like working stiff boxes and a modified version of standup/wall safes, all of which are partially open and show evidence of previous looting.

Since they are currently working on the tech to vary gamestage by area and that won't be ready in A19, this seems like a suggestion that if implemented would take effect in A20.  But I figured I'd throw it out there as a suggestion. 

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