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  1. Why would the good stuff still be there? Look at the world in game, significant time has passed...prolly years. Wouldn't those places be the first places looted? Realistically those should be the LAST places with great loot. Those guns would be looted faster than toilet paper :D. I think there is a core problem with your argument here. Because there are many ways to solve your actual core complaint "I feel the early game is not engaging enough" OR "I don't feel there is enough progression in the early game". But folks typically marry themselves to one solution for some reason. Here are the baseline solutions off the top of my head I can think of: Solution 1: Make the early game more engaging/rewarding within the existing primitive framework. Solution 2: Smooth out the leveling curve a bit so it's a faster transition from primitive, but still slower than before where you skipped 90% of the loot progression by day 14. Sort of an in between then and now. Loot scaling to gamestage but scaling faster so you can start progressing sooner...but still having a significant early game chunk. Solution 3: The solution being pursued by TFP. Progression from primitive is slow, but if you are willing to tackle the risk you can face higher gamestage enemies to get higher gamestage loot. Risk vs reward, but you have the option to speed up your progress at the cost of more risk. TFP have this aimed at A20 IIRC, that way that weapons plant might be gamestage 114 even if you're at gamestage 14. The tech just isn't in yet for that to be part of A19. This is like how A18 basically came in and finished up A17 and that worked out EXTREMELY well for the game according to the player population and engagement numbers on steam charts. Solution 4: We revert to the way we were before where even modest scavenging skipped 90% of the gear progression curve by day 7/14.
  2. Welcome to game development, where falling through the world still occasionally happened even in big AAA titles. If you think you have a proper solution for then go teach the industry how to do it :D.
  3. I partially agree and partially disagree. If everything is fun and viable then I think it's acceptable. However if you have one attribute that's way better or worse than the others I do think it drains away some of the fun once you've played other things and realize how far behind something is or how far ahead something else is. That being said in current state of the game I don't have a problem with the balance of any overall attribute. Some are stronger/weaker but not by enough to matter much unless you crank up the difficulty alot. That being said "feel" does matter too, which is why we all discussed sniper rifles before. Even if perception as a whole is totally fine, and I disagree personally on people insisting spear is bad, Snipers definitely feel lacking compared to other weapons. They can do the job, but after you play other weapons they definitely don't feel as fun because you're aware of just how far behind they are. I still enjoy them, but it's a factor to be sure. Also, perception is heavily carried balance wise by the explosives line since explosives are completely OP even without the skill line.
  4. I love everything about that game except playing it :(. If it had all the same systems and etc but controlled and played more smoothly in the gameplay and UI I'd be all over that game. Well, I WOULD mod the infection to have some hard to make cure. That 1 scratch from a corpse on the ground around a blind corner ending your entire run if you get infected is uncool.
  5. One of the reasons I decided double the values of the lockpicking perk was fine. It's a niche benefit and it gives people that don't want to deal with the RNG lockpick mechanic the ability to essentially "opt out" for a cost. As an aside, the longer the lockpick mechanic has been in game the less I've liked it. I was originally ok with it but it's now starting to get really REALLY annoying. There's no interactivity, it's pure rng, and you could succeed first try or break 20 lockpicks on something and it's just a frustrating experience. Basically anything that lowers the amount of rng breaking at this point would be an improvement to me. Especially that last 3 seconds that ends up taking 30 seconds because of constantly breaking lockpicks and the timer resetting.
  6. You'd have to carry it around in your inventory at all times and purchase it though. Then remember to eat it :P. That being said, you can see by my suggested buff to the lockpicking perk how much ground I believe it needs to cover to be ok. I suggesting literally doubling it's values as well as adding a small loot bonus to the opened safe/chest. The loot buff would be something jailbreakers cannot provide and at a doubled value it's way better than jailbreakers. Though TBH I'd expect jailbreakers to be cut in half along that with change. It'd still be a significant lockpicking buff worth carrying around for anyone not rocking perception.
  7. I didn't actually make the argument you are saying in my comment. What I DID say is that I achieve significant value and progression from the current state of things still AND I advocated for primitive weapons so that all of us, especially those upset at current loot, have better and more exciting loot to look forwards to. The problem isn't that people are not getting guns, it's that they feel the current loot lacks the excitement. The solution to that is not necessarily guns/iron tools as has repeatedly been argued either directly or indirectly by many. There are some who've advocated for more crafting materials instead for example. If other primitive guns were introduced and they felt as good as the blunderbuss is now I think that would quell alot of the concerns about the current loot by bringing back some of that excitement Everyone? OFC not, there is never a time where you can make everyone happy. And many DO indeed want specifically guns and iron tools, but even part of that is just them being used to having it. How much? Who can say. But such happens with every change in games. People get married to the current state of things for a variety of reasons good and bad and then rebel at new changes that jeopardize what they settled on. Nature of game development. If it helps you contextualize it A17/A18 was basically a set of major changes rolled out over 2 updates and A19/A20 appears to be the same. First update sets the ground work, builds the foundation, and then collects feedback. Second update finishes building the overall plan while incorporating SOME of that feedback. Being in that half finished limbo state is not the most comfortable place to be as an end user, but trust me as a QA Tester it's normal :). And with today's live service, early access, etc style games continiously being built with an audience gamers are getting to be part of that process too. For better and for worse :P.
  8. Agreed. I liked Junk turrets alot, but in their original release they were great for everyone BUT Int spec and that was not ok. They couldn't pull their own weight as a weapon. So I tested and commented on threads and made videos. And after giving a bit of pushback initially TFP went back and drastically improved the functionality of junk turrets both in terms of usability/QOL but in terms of balance too. I need to do an int run to see where the most bit of help put them. I'll call for nerfs if I think they are needed just as quickly as I would call for buffs. I'll enjoy them regardless of their exact balancing, but I DO want options to be competitive and not totally underwhelming or overwhelming. +/-15% of the power level of most other options is fine, I grade on the jedi/mana curve :D. When it comes to balance affecting stuff, balance matters regardless of if someone is ok or not ok with it :D. I'm not terribly concerned about the exact gradient of balance, that's more of a subjective feel thing I can adapt to pretty easily unless the disconnect is extreme, but it should be consistent balance. Both lockpicking perk and cardio need buffs. Lockpicking is useful and the perk is useful, just nowhere near enough to justify points. Our points are very limited now, it's not like the old days you could just sling those points around. Lockpicking just doesn't make the cut in the current skill point economy. If it was twice as good AND it gave you a SMALL buff to the loot quality within the chest/safe you opened it might be worth taking again. But as is? Waste of points IMO. Cardio used to be fantastic but it just isn't anymore. Either it needs to get more added to the skill or it should be rolled into Well Insulated and then give the combined perk a new name like "Survivalist" or something. I'm more optimistic than that. I feel like they do seem to adjust over time for the better. I'm both happy that they are willing to give pushback and fight for their vision and happy that they seem to be willing to re-evaluate things later too. IMO that's how it should be.
  9. If there was ever a skill that let you build one time traps like spikes, mines, and maybe add a few new ones like deadfalls, log traps, etc then I hope it'd just give you a set amount of exp for every zombie nearby that died to one of those traps within your claimed land area. It was a bit of a rant but the way you presented it felt warranted and pretty on target. My flavor text in the quote was more for the sake of levity than anything :P. The loot in them being stone or low tier isn't much of a problem, but them being locked and having that loot is an issue because locks take significant amount of lockpick or time to defeat so it throws the investment vs reward out of wack. Some people are upset about what spawns EVERYWHERE, but it's consistent at least. However the safes/locked chests spawning the same value of stuff in general as non-locked stuff is a definitive imbalance. Even if you're getting useful higher level stone tools from them that's not worth the time or the lock picks because you'll upgrade those tools from other loot soon anyways.
  10. Yeah, making sure spears never fell through the world (or if they do they end up somewhere you can still get) is important too. Though I personally have never had it happen since they put a UI element on it. TBH I think when they have POI specific gamestage code in the next update they should make all low gamestage loot unlocked and have a looted appearance if possible. Solves people's perceptions about what they "should" contain and also prevents you from needing to invest so much effort into a durable locked safe that no longer has the same returns that used to justify defeating those locks.
  11. I think spears are close to where they need to be. They are fantastic as a stealth melee weapon and if your aim is good they are ok in a fight too with throws. Jabby jabby is pretty weak so normally only after a throw to finish a zombie off. Once the toolbelt is fixed so you can throw multiple spears and picking them up puts them back on your toolbelt (right now only 1 goes back to the toolbelt) spears should be in alright shape. They'd still need some help to compete with the best melee weapons but they're viable enough. Rifles really only have penetration over everything else. In practice their range and single shot damage just doesn't matter. Especially with all the random decaps that other guns can get. They can get the job done when played well but they are definitely not on the level of other guns, bows, or even junk turrets. If they're going to compete as slower refire high damage per shot weapons then they need to straight up wreck tougher enemies IMO. Explosives also feels kinda weird under perception. Explosives are so strong they completely overshadow the weapons. I kinda feel like there should be another stat that focuses on explosives and fire and mines and spike traps and etc and that baseline bombs should be nerfed a bit since even baseline explosives are stupid good and cheap.
  12. Pretty much, and a blunderbuss I don't want is going to be turned into iron or dukes. The only thing I really wish I had was primitive versions of pistols, snipers, and machine guns. Plus i'm getting resources and recipes and schematics and perk books and etc. IMO finding recipes/schematics/resources is way more important than finding iron tools/T2 weapons early game. Stone tier and blundie carries you through day 14 no problem.
  13. If they implement ranged bandits with actual guns in this game people will lose their minds unless the bandits do like zero damage.
  14. You can buy cobblestone and cement from trader for cheap and you'll continue to get stone, cobblestone, and cement from POIs. And yes, like you said scrapping is an option to get more stone since you'll end up with way more cobblestone and cement than you need. I'm someone who builds bases before iron tools and stone tools can get the job done just fine. TBH not having a claw hammer is a way bigger deal for me than not having iron tools. Once I have a claw hammer i'm set.
  15. So you too feel my pain :P. I had 36 separate City of Heroes characters at one time, many of them engaging in the Incarnate system. Speaking of, City of Heroes has had private servers for some time now. "City of Heroes Homecoming" :D. Both City of Heroes and Warhammer Online just absolutely refuse to stay dead haha.
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