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  1. You'd think she's super sexed up from the complaint, but she's just busty. She's wearing a normal crop top, something that gets worn by women all the time. Nobody complaining would even blink if she was a B cup wearing that same shirt. Being married to a busty woman for a few years kinda opened my eyes to how much hypocrisy is out there regarding how female clothing is viewed and how disingenuous alot of the jealous women and white knights are. If you're a busty woman you have like half of the clothing options socially acceptable compared to a smaller chested woman because of stupid stuff like the complaint the other poster made. The idea of protecting women via the erasure of other women is just ridiculous honestly.
  2. I'm not one to slut shame. She's a saleswoman and a back alley apocalypse doctor. I'm pretty sure she's hustling you for your dukes and using the tools at her disposal. I'm pretty sure she doesn't exactly have a med school diploma. I dunno when the world decided that busty women were evil and needed to be shamed and hidden. Busty women get slut shamed by other women, have difficulty finding clothes that fit them that other people won't try to slut shame them for no matter how demure it is, and generally get @%$*#! on just for being busty. TBH I find the whole demonization of the female form to be quite sexist. You can put farking Voldo in Soul Calibur and nobody blinks an eye but people get upset at Ivy. That's called benevolent sexism folks, because you're saying women can't do things that men can. We have an assembly line of Nathan Drake clones and other chiseled good looking men in video games being shirtless or scantily clad all the time. People absolutely thirsted over Henry Cavill in the Witcher show and Jason Memoa as Aquaman. I think we can survive a little parity with women. Cleavage is not evil any more than a mostly naked Henry Cavill is. If a guy can be Conan level near naked in a video game or dress in bondage gear and and nobody cares at all then a woman should certainly be allowed to have a little cleavage without complaint.
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