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Bug on quest start at army_camp_03


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When I've started a quest at army_camp_03 the console opens up and throws this error...  "NotImplementedException: CopyFrom() not implemented yet"


After this happens, blocks in certain buildings at the POI fall apart strangely and half of the cabin and watch toward become transparent.  Also, several blocks start to only render on the player-facing vertical block faces and blocks I break take a while to render as being destroyed.  Those last two issues bleed over into other areas of the map until I do a reload, but even after reloading this POI seems to remain bugged.  Getting a quest at this POI again causes the issues to start again in the same way.


Almost forgot to mention - loot does not respawn after starting the quest either... at least not consistently.  Several previously looted chests and contains remain empty after starting the quest, unlike most POIs where a quest resets the POI to a fresh state.







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