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map fog when changing from local to dedicated


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I had been hosting a game for about 60h when playing with some friends. Then I decided to move the save to a dedicated server, so they would not have to wait for me when playing.

Everything else went fine, but my map is no longer explored in dedicated. It shows all the saved waypoints etc. but the grey fog is covering the map.

For my friends it's working great, as it was before.


Is there a way to copy the explored areas visibility on the map?

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7 hours ago, SylenThunder said:

It will take a while for this data to sync to your client. Give it some time and it should.


Alternatively, you could copy your local cache from the old server into the new server's folder. 

Couple of hours in game did not help with sync. Where would the necessary files be located? I started the dedicated server with a copy of old save folder. That copied everything else but the explored area.

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