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Why does this happen.....?


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I'm playing on warrior difficulty, 4 days in, I die, I try and go back to collect my loot (where the blue backpack is on the minimap) and i cannot find it!

This is so @%$*#!ing annoying. I have had this issue 5 times now and had no other choice but to totally restart my game. I didn't want to use 'creativemode' to get my crap back.

I've got my settings on '120 minute days/nights' and it is getting really @%$*#!ing old having to restart.

Can you fix this?



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My friends and I had the same issue since ever.

The backpack might be...

Invisible and you need to restart the game or move far away from the chunk where the backpack is, to reset the chunk.


Or the backpack is at bedrock level.


Or it just despawned.


The pimps tried several times to fix this.

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