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A19 dedicated server using ipv6


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I've been trying to set up a dedicated server, and from what I know my ports are forwarded using ipv6 (my ISP is giving me a hard time about allowing ipv4 forwarding).

  1. I managed to get it to work by enabling SteamNewtorking
  2. running the dedicated server
  3. joining using my client
  4. inviting someone to the server 

I'm thinking whether there is a way to set up the server to connect using my ipv6 address.

I tried it by copy+pasting my public ipv6 address but there doesn't seem to be any reaction either in the client or the server (in the client the pop-up just closes and that's it).


Is such a thing currently possible in 7D2D alpha 19?


Thank you in advance.

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