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Zombie Scaling needs adjustment


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Not sure if this is the right place or 'bug' reports but its more of a balance suggestion so here goes:
Zombie hp was nerfed by about 150/250hp (On default difficulty) I think this is good for the early game.
However, the game does not scale nearly fast enough to keep up with the item drops one gets.
This makes it so once you get into some iron armor or leathers that are lvl 2 or so, you basically become unstoppable so long as you dont get cornered and even then, not much risk due to the CC one can output.

Id like to suggest the zombie scaling be ramped up in larger increments on GS 12 and 30 respectively (Or thereabouts) to account for the gear upgrades. Linear scaling might be hard to pull off with the current GS model and thus might require a lil bit of additional boosting on the games innate GS power spikes. Perhaps give them 5GS or so after the tier so they have a chance to loot/quest for some better gear before the spike.

I like the concepts, just want it sliiiiightly harder to present some sort of challenge as time progresses.

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