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Looking for player/s/server


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Hi all,


love this game so much truly and now a19 has dropped i want to be playing but honestly I'm bored of running around on my own lol .



Looking for some friendly folks who love the game and are active, I am in the UK so that time zone would be smashing.  I have tried joining some games just from the list but i walk in and there are all these rules about where you can and can't build and I'm just like nope cause i know me ill unknowingly build somewhere I shouldn't, also people seem to just play solo but on a server I want to actually play with people, build a base together, explore, do quests all that. 


PVE only please, don't want to worry about people too lol. 


Discord KellyIsHigh #0714 

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well come later this month i'll have finished my 7 days to die PC (Ryzen 7 3.4 6 core 32 gigs of RAM and a mediocre video card ) though i am on a Linux machine so not sure hot that works , currently i am playing but im playing on a shared computer . any how i'll leave with my steam tag JonSoebeski . that and here's a looting tip not even the Top streamers hove found search cancel search , initiate the search before the search wheel is done and search again this rerolls the RNG and almost completely eliminates that chances of a container being empty . so on PC using KB and M i believe you can simply tap E over and over on a Controller you'll want to tap Y then B then Y again(Triangle Circle Triangle on PS4 style) well ima go get Baked later

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Survival of the Fattest server
server will be wiped to day 1 once stable is released
⦁    8k map
⦁    90 minute day/night length
⦁    difficulty: hard
⦁    xp multiplier: 150
⦁    drop toolbelt only
⦁    drop on quit: nothing
⦁    bedroll expiry: 45
⦁    land claim block: 1
⦁    land claim size: 71
⦁    zombie day: jog
⦁    zombie night: run, feral, sprint
⦁    bloodmoon: nightmare
⦁    EAC enabled
⦁    botman 
⦁    custom builds: Asylum, Resident Evil Mansion (hundreds of zombies)
⦁    communal kill tower
⦁    24 hour trader
⦁    New zombies including the JUGGERNAUT!
⦁    stack size increased 
⦁    increased bag size
⦁    active admins
Server ip :
Game port : 26930
We are looking to expand our community. Join Survival of the fattest UK we have some interesting monstrous hordes and friendly pvp which gives it a bit of an edge. It's a soft mod which means you don't have to download anything .
Killing and base raiding is allowed, but not complete base destruction.
We also have PVP events!
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/enEmV5c

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