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  1. I have my own ping perfect server. Nitrogen map with latest comopack. 90 minute, 18 hour days. Curretly on day 58. 16 zombies/horde. pretty much everything else is default. PvE, very friendly. Lots of loot to share. DM me for server info or message me on discord: Sonicdeathmnkey#9563
  2. Hey everyone, I rented a 12 slot server from pingperfect, based out of their Chicago data center. Was thinking of starting a PVE multiplayer game today. The map is Nitrogen generated using compopack 46 on the Alpha 19.2 (b4.) There are 4 reserved slots for anyone willing to commit time to it. Other wise the other free slots can be for more casual players. 90 minute, 18 hour days. Nomad difficulty with nothing dropped upon death. Everything else pretty much vanilla. You can find me on discord at Sonicdeathmnkey#9563 if your interested. Reach out and i'll get you the server password. Ste
  3. Question about Lucky goggles. Is that plus 5 value merely adding 5 total points to loot bonus, or 5%?
  4. This may be something the Fun Pimps will implement in the future, but i'm curious as to why we don't see the respective crates from these two new POIs in other POIs as we do for Shotgun Messiah, Shamway, etc. Thoughts?
  5. I would have voted no. Coming from Console right before alpha 18, that was one thing I didn't miss. I hated the degradation system. The only way to max out guns and keep them there was to be constantly searching for and saving parts to combine in the work bench, (I'm glad that mechanic is gone altogether actually.) The system doesn't need to go back to being anything more complicated than it is now. I like the mod system and figuring out what works best with each weapon for how I play. The old system was a time/resource suck.
  6. Haven't found a crackabook yet. Just got the gyrocopter today so I'll keep an eye out for it.
  7. I think the main point was to have a skin for the steel ax that was more dramatically different than the iron fire ax. Before a19, they looked really similar. As far as viability as a weapon, in my game on day 30 with 90 minute days i have a q3 steel ax and a q4 baseball bat each with two mods. While the base damage on the ax is higher, so too is the stamina usage. So it's okay for the surprise zeds hiding around a corner, but for multi-zed encounters i stick with the bat.
  8. I have a decent seed on my latest alpha 19 map. If you follow Glock9 on youtube, i'm using the same one as he. Lots of town in the south central region of the map and several traders not too far apart. But on day one my first buried supplies request took me to the destroyed biome with a bear right on top of the dig site. I had to slowly move away as to not trip a mine, and not aggro the bear, wasting half the first day.
  9. That might be the case for you. I've had spent about 45 hours in my latest game and have not gotten either an auger or the schematic. I just got my first chain saw last night on day 30 with 90 minutes days, and it's only a q2.
  10. Confirmed. I tested this myself on b169. Iron tools use less stamina on this update, which is definitely a good thing. But i think they stamina on steel tools could be slightly rebalanced. Lower the stamina usage just a little bit, maybe 3-5%, they should be usable without maxing out sex rex.
  11. I was thinking rewards may be tied to game stage, but I got 2 q6 items for a t4 quest on day 22.
  12. That's all insane. I have one point on daring adventurer, did a tier 4 clear/fetch on day 22 and my reward options were t6 steel boots amd a t6 marksman rifle. I went with the boots.
  13. I find it bizarre that you can't run over chickens and rabbits with a vehicle anymore. You just clip right through them.
  14. I'm showing a steady drop of 15-20 frames outdoors driving through the forest on the minibike. Inside at night i'm averaging about 70fps. You can see my current setttings in the pics. As for my system it's a brand new build: -Ryzen 9 3900x -32gb Trident Z Neo series 3600 Mhz -Gigabyte x570 Ultra mobo -WD Black SN750 1TB nvme M.2 SSD -XFX RX 5700 XT Ultra THICC III -Windows 10 Home Nothing is overclocked as of right now, but it was definitely running better before b169.
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