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Can we get a little better formatting for bugs/fixes?


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No offence intended to anyone pimps,
But trying to help with bugs is a lil bit... Confusing.
This isnt about having to format our responses to you or anything like that but rather how you guys present information to us.

In the last EXP update, you guys mashed all the updated/fixed into the old initial EXP release notes, in with the rest of them in no easily seen order.

I note this may help to pull in people who are not playing on the EXP from the stable version but this makes things incredibly complicated for (at least me) to see what was fixed and what is a known bug and what is unknown.

I also noticed many of the reports id filed were moved to another location and the only reason I was able to find this new location was because I was able to click links via my profile to retrace where the reports had been moved to- I couldnt find any link normally in the forums to the typical reporting pages.

I saw the search function but it doesnt seem to be searching properly across the forums. :x

Id like to request:
Update notes be kept in a 2ndary location to help testers help you by having known/fixed in a clear and easily accessed location, relative to the last builds.
(So new/fixed/known are the only new content added to this section)
Have clear links folks can use to be taken to the reporting section as you guys had prior?
(Maybe this was just a weird bug or im just dumb and dont know where it went in the new organization?)

Much love pimps

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