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Hello All, Im GunMuse https://youtube.com/GunMuse and owner of RogersRaiders.com  A friend just showed me 7D2D and in 3 weeks was hooked more importantly there is so much for an influencer to talk about that really excited me.   Latest video is always at https://rogersraiders.com/newvid

Did a couple toe dipping to see what numbers looked like and was impressed by the quality of the players.   So my first video is on setting up a machine gun nest using solar power and a small walk around my oversized base that i am actually setting up as an in game studio.  I have 22k members on RogersRaiders few if NONE have heard of 7D2D.   Other Youtubers are welcome to have me promote them from RogersRaiders.com you will find that I don't believe in a bear trap market.  Some will like you some will like me but its important that they get what they seek which is information.


Well my vid is still uploading as I write this.  I Tend to do a schedule release 12pm EST.



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