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How to change the caliber of weapons as a weapon attachment?


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Hello everyone, A19 brought me back into working on my mod again that i never got to finish and so far things are going very good and seems like i will be releasing it soon. 


I came across a problem though...


While trying to implement one of my new concepts i couldn't get it to work. The concept is in theory simple: make a weapon attachment that allows me to change the caliber of a weapon. however i cant seem to get it right and i am sure it has to do with the fact that i am 100% of a noob when it comes to coding or modding :scared: 

Here's what i been trying to do... i created an attachment in the 'item_modifiers.xml' and i tried to add the following:

<passive_effect name="Magazine_items" value="new caliber here"/>

The "name="Magazine_items" value="new caliber here"" i copied from a weapon property in the Items.xml and that didn't worked in game.. nothing happened, so i tried to add:

<passive_effect name="Magazine_items" operation="base_set" value="new caliber here"/>

And that gave me an error pointing to the "magazine_items" in red without specifying anything

Trying to change the operation from from "base_set" to "set" and still got an error so i tried to use this code as a property instead of a passive effect and i didn't got any errors but it also changed nothing in game.. 
Any ideas of what could i be doing wrong? i know that people that knows how to code and mod will look at this and probably cringe from me being such a noob :lol: so i apologize in advance 
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