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the dog say AI is better but it does need some work


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On day one or two I believe, I still did not have any armor. But I had my bow and my trusty club, I've named it Millie after my mother, and a dog managed to get me before I saw it. it was a small black one I don't know what kind that is. It was not a zombie dog.


Whacked it upside the head once with Millie and it ran off. I decided to break the encounter and tried run off but I ran into a Z. Whereupon the dog attacked while I was fighting z off.


Milly saved the day but I was at like 5 health points. I decided to go work on the base and I had enough for one more bacon and eggs.


The dogs aren't running off like that though. They have all kept at it and Milly beat them to death. They should back off and give you something to think about while you're looting kitchens.

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