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PS4 Land Claim Block Not Working

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Hello People, I'm completely stuck and not finding any help anywhere online. 


So I placed my land claim block in my base. Put 1 in each corner and 1 on both sides as long wall. 6 in total. 

I let a random person hide in my base at night from the zombies. He was able to place a bed...


Thought maybe there a missing gap in middle.

So I went upstairs and placed another in the room above him. 


Asked the random players to build himself a small room.  ( wanted to test it out ) 

He managed to do so....


Later that day another random managed to build blocks OVER my land claim block to rain upstairs. Destroy a metal door with a stone club and raid upstairs.... I shot him dead. But it's very clear that my land claim blocks are not working. 


ALL have full strength. 


What's going in.


Pleae people who are playing on playstation 4 please comment. 

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