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Infecting the land.


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I was watching some Lets-plays of the new Minecraft update and an idea came to me the TFP might be interested in for 7DTD or the sequel or another game they make.  

I would love to see an altered version to the land that has been corrupted by the infection and shows most in the area with the most zombies.  So as zombies die their flesh rots and fertilizes the land which changes whatever it fertilized by making it more dangerous or super helpful.  Lets say a carrot has its normal version which is great for home made meals but lets say the corrupted carrot  looks more evil or super weird/alien.  That corrupted carrot also gives you some slight night vision effect when eaten.  You can workstation that corrupted carrot into a concentrate or candy.  This concept can be applied to the whole land including grass, dirt, trees.  It would be a separate biome that follows along with bigger hoards or at POIs the has a lot of zombies in. 

I think this would be a more welcome addition for more content on farming/cooking play style because you can have more things to grow and experiment also it gives possible recipes.  The farming does not need to get more complex in my mind just needs a bit more added to it that helps out the game-play and maybe story/lore.

Let me know what you think or add to this idea. 

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