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  1. Well, I find it difficult to vote on this. Like, thinking back to my game last night, we found Red Mesa and z's were pouring out from everywhere, and at one point I almost died. There were so many of them I was worried it would be our base for the night because me and my roommate were there for so long just clearing the place. The music I like but I can imagine that the scenario I experienced last night would have been more annoying than terrifying if the music had been there. The music would have stopped then ended, then started again, then ended, then started then ended again. But the music sounds delightfully creepy, excluding moments where it would do that sort of annoying thing. I think it would work best for either big POI (the sham factory in the wasteland) where it starts when you get to the POI, regardless if a zombie sees you or not, and it doesn't end until the last z for that POI is gone, or until you leave the POI. But for smaller ones (starter houses, stand alone store POI) I say exclude the music completely, maybe?
  2. Interesting. Well, as far as the domesticated animals, I hear you but that's if they're physically stuck in the barn. I can tell you first hand that most of the time, the ranchers I've seen keep the animals inside usually only at night, however during the day they're outside grazing. Usually, ranchers have a lot of land and the ten or fifteen cows they may have don't usually eat all of the grass that's available to them in the acres. The fences aren't even electric ones and even if they were after humans died out the would be able to escape to get more grass. But overall I feel you. BTW you didn't comment on the idea that animals get their own setting when creating a new game. What is your view on that? To answer your question I usually play the Navegane map. I really don't remember a fire station but I see crack a book often or rather I've seen them in towns, there's a really big one in the desert city near Dishong Tower.
  3. Actually this is cool. They sorta have it already in the game but only at one POI (bob's boars and carl's corn, with the super corn). I think making it map wide is better!
  4. HI! I'm new here. I didn't find any posts for specifically what I'm interested in talking about here. Tell me what you think! We all want rabbit and chicken coops, I think that evident. But why can't we also have cows added to the game? I don't live in Arizona but I live in Texas, we have cows, and bulls, donkeys, goats, and sheep. Why not implement one of these animals (or all of them?!) for food as well, regardless if we can raise or tame them or not. I must say I've wanted to have cows for a long time. When I first picked up the game I thought there would be cows because certain parts, like Texas has a lot of ranches. I would enjoy having cows but to add a level of danger to the game bulls would be better. They are not exactly always friendly, so much like the boar they will attack if they're injured by you, and their attack is weaker than a bear but slightly stronger than that of a boar (forgive me, I am not savvy enough to play with game codes so I don't know what those numbers would look like.) For obvious reasons, you would get more meat and more bones, but less fat than you would if you caught a bear. And as I'm not savvy with the codes, and I don't remember seeing a specific setting when making a new game, I would love to see a bit more animals in game. I frankly feel like there is just too little? I feel like I don't see them enough. But with that being said, I think they should have their own spawn setting, but to make it fair the animal spawn setting will include zombie animals (bear, dogs, and [new!] boars.) Anyway, this next part is brief, but I'd love to see more edible plants make their way in the game like spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. And last thing, sorry this is so long. My POI ideas is basically a meat production factory and the other one is a Fire department. The meat production one is obvious, either small bit of live animals in cages, or just a crap ton of raw meat everywhere but a crap ton of wolves and dogs. But going around from town to town I always wondered what was missing, and it dawned on me a few days ago. The towns don't have a fire department. The departments don't have to be big and super fancy but they could spawn one or two fire trucks, fire axes, first aid kits, and food. Anyway, sorry again this is long!
  5. Frankly, I like the idea. I'm a chicken when I play at night (in game I mean) because the Z's are set to run. I get screamers from time to time and usually I let the traps take care of them but this added detail would make them so much scarier! I love it!
  6. I read some of the doc, I think your ideas are fine, I am not going crazy over the companion wolf or human. However, I do want fishing and coops. I honestly thought it would have been a think a long time ago. I've been playing since 2015 and when I first started I thought farming, and raising animals would be part of the deal. I hope they do eventually add animal raising to the game though. I think with enough begging and pressure they'll try. Also great work on the doc. It was so detailed!
  7. Yes! This would be fun! A candy factory would also imply other types of factories for food though and I'm a million percent into that!
  8. Well, I mean you can change it to permanent death if I'm not mistaken. And I'm sure there are many that others that like to play this way. You just gotta find your peeps willing to play with you that way. Me and my roommates like playing to build craziness and gathering. We like that the game doesn't have a specific end. We make it a think to see who had the longest run without dying, but if you die that's fine. And I like that.
  9. I actually love the idea. Frankly, I don't see why chickens haven't been added to the game yet. Hopefully they're working on it currently or something like. Frankly, I don't there is a single thing wrong with your thought process for this.
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