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A few simple requests


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Could you please add:


  1. My character's level to the save game selection screen
  2. The seed/map name (like Old Foneku Valley) to the map screen while in game
  3. In Random Gen Previewer have it detect if a map has already been generated for a given seed and just show it instead of regenerating it (or at least prompt first)


I tend to play a lot of different maps trying out different things and the above changes would help my brain and are also likely useful to others.


That is all for now.  :p

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I thought of one other thing that isn't so simple but would still be nice.  Add an option to games to have the air drops come the day after a blood moon, regardless of how frequent you have them set.  If you have blood moons set every day then you'd get a air drop every day, too.

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