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Literal dream - The Siren


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This is a special class of enemy that came to me in a dream. It's called the Siren. What's special about it is it's the only enemy in the game that is unkillable. In fact, it doesn't even flinch when taking damage. In late game (past where you would encounter demolishers) it might replace screamers. Visually, it's the screamer model, with the radiated color scheme, and about 1.5 the regular size. Also unique to it is that instead of hitting the player, it chokes them and makes terrifying sounds. Since it cannot be stopped, the only solution is to leave the area until it despawns.


I don't think it's a bad idea. Maybe if the Pimps like aspects of it, they can roll with it. After all, it would be pretty low effort to implement, since it has no new AI patterns or characteristics to implement (they can forget the choking thing).

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