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Steelseries Stratus Duo Controller Problem

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Hi folks,


Longtime player, first time caller.


Recently decided to try using a game controller on the PC version; I work on my computer all day, so keyboard and mouse get a little tiring.


I picked up a brand new Steelseries Stratus Duo controller, which has multiple ways to connect: microusb cable, USB dongle, or bluetooth.


I've tested the controller in multiple ways on multiple other games and it's worked fine. I also tested it using Windows' native joy.cpl utility.


But when I try to use it in 7DTD, I get regular lag jerks/unresponsiveness every 1-3 seconds, making it unusable. This applies to both movement and buttonpresses (like trigger pulls). If I set the controller down and use M&K, I move and act fluidly. This occurs both if I use the wireless USB dongle or directly connect the controller with the microusb cable (connected by bluetooth, it doesn't even register).


Drivers are updated, controller's new and works fine in other apps and windows utility, performance in-game is fine.


Any ideas on what's up?


Thanks in advance.

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