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Texture2dArray application Question

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Faatal, MM

I have read some of the comments, responses, additions, subtractions,
and the tech used.  Faatal recently wrote about script customization
to make external or imported shaders more amicable for this game.


That brought a thought to my mind.  I am not a programmer or coder so
please tell me if this is or will be possible.  Roland I know this will
most likely pertain to the future gold more than A19 but this is where
I was inspired.


I had to find them.  These are 2 examples of what I meant,
I kept tne normals and the outline and just replaced the
texture and it conformed to the premade model shape.

This was without the advantages of better lighting, higher
resolution texture, and Texture2dArray. I can only imagine
the game capability now.


The TFP goal as I under stand it is streamlining, optimization, and

non Kimpossible coding aspects.


Using Texture2dArray, the Random call, a custom script, and setting the
Body models as a template. Example Boe, Joe, Marlene, Darlene, and Steve.
More can be added at your discretion.  The face, scarring, and apparel
are baked normals, but the overlay is merely a texture that adapts to these
texture maps. In a similar manner to having multiple walk types for variety,
this is animation I know. Use the body models as blank animated mannequins.
Its also ever so slightly similar to the uma technique but without the bones
and additional overhead.


Can Texture2darray, + "Random" script call to a specific layer at runtime
creation of an entity, + assortment of facial/body/apparel textures
and colors be used to create an extended amount of appearances, without
adding an overload of models. The idea comes from forum conversations,
and one of the first overlays I did for my character.


I used the cap, mask, armor and biker boots, erased the textures, keeping
the outline, and clone overlayed it with chainmail. If its possible then it
may also be extended to a Texture2dArray for the block textures allowing for
and extended amount of visual variety for every aspect of the game,
lower drawcalls, and 7DTD unique entities, and nearly infinite combinations.


Examples: In the code you have 365 day reference, trees can have different
tone leaves and bark. Poi's can have variable layers of decay which is a grunge
overlay, blocks can have different tonal discoloration. But you would not have
to change any of the normals or heightmaps, only the albedo/diffuse reference.

Prior Tfp used altitude to adjust temperature, Altitude can be use to change
the grade of snow overlay for vegetation with out a code hack.

Plants can have a color overlays to follow the lighting gradient for day/night
time shifts. Basically an interactive look added to the environment, without
a massive rework.


Expanded thought: For those that like to paint, Texture2dArray, can allow for
a huge expansion on color and pattern selection but using minimal sized images.


Code and time wise would this be feasible, with the incorporation of PBR and



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