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Graphical Glitch Help - Nonsolid Opaque Walls throughout POI


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My wife and I are playing on a server together with a few friends and she kept complaining about large marble structures in buildings we couldn't see and were not solid (she can walk through them). She is running a GeForce GTX 1650, driver updated 5/27/2020. No mods.


well we finally found the most egregious example, in a shotgun messiah factory. I've included what she sees and what I see. Apologies for the potato quality.


We are having trouble pinning down the root cause. It appears in many POIs, not just this one, but not in every shotgun messiah factory. It does not appear to be every building in a biome either. The textures appear to follow open-air paths in the POI to the outside, and come down from holes in the ceiling or go in horizontally from prebroken windows along the POI path. It might be the boundary between "POI" and "Not POI", or possibly "inside" vs "outside". But I do not know why it is visible, nor why it is invisible sometimes.


Any help would be appreciated, I have searched and am continuing to search reddit and this site for similar problems and if anyone found any solutions.






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