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[Question] Console Scouting.


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I play mostly single-player private world on hardest difficulty and maximum amount of spawns 120minutes.

It recently hit me that i catch myself using F1 console to see how many zombies/entites are around me in the area, and i am really struggling to stop this habit.

Is there anyway i can disable the console without making my game a dedicated server/online as non-admin ?

maybe a steam launch command to disable console?


Do any Single player Survivors out there suffer the same affliction as I do? 

It really takes away the suspense of sleepers but sometimes alot of zombies just spawn right infront or behind me which i notice via F1.


My last option will be to physically take out my F1 Key on my keyboard when i play. :lever:

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As a Server Admin and player on my own server, I have just learned to wear the hat only when I have to. I don't want to spoil the game for me. I have been known to admin warp to help out a player...and then walk back to my base. I think you should take out the F1 key.

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