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Map not rendering correctly on server


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Hello, so this issue is kind of driving me mad. My brother talked me into trying this game with him and it's been getting quite addicted. There were others who wanted to play with us so we decided to rent a dedicated server to host our game on. Well, it took me about 2 days to figure out how to get it running. We copied our save over to the server.


I eventually got it working, however when we look around the terrain is all messed up. I know there are other similar posts about this, but none of them work for me. When we check the save file's generated info the seed is blank, which gives the name "Voluya Territory", the server size and single player size are both 8192. 


I've noticed the server will generate a world even though I have the settings all the same, including the names. Not really sure what else to do about this. I emailed support on the server company we're renting from, they told me this is an issue with steam not communicating right and that there is no fix. Well I don't believe that, there's got to be something I'm missing. 


If anyone needs me to post additional things just let me know, I'll be monitoring this thread several times a day until we can figure it out!


Things I've tried:

Deleting local save

Generating new world then replacing with existing "single player" map

Verifying both saves have the same map size

Cleaning local data with launcher options

Hitting my keyboard


Oh and the map works perfectly fine when my brother hosts it on his computer, so that's why I have hope that it could work on our dedicated!




Server Log



Server Settings



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