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No zombies Spawning, anywhere anywhen.


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I have been trying to solve this issue for several days now. Not sure exactly when, but zombies just stopped spawning during regular play. Even horde night. I get the red sky, thunder but no zombies. None anywhere or anytime in game play... Had one person note that the game was loading a map from a different version. Couldn't figure that out. Erased everything I could find on my PC regarding 7D2D, and reinstalled, reinstalled several times now actually, but nothing seems to work. I also tried, since it was loading a different version of the map, to RWG... Still... nothing. I see on Horde night where is says 'spawning horde' but nothing... 




Oh, and I did it from steam and the mod loader, no mods, vanilla game...  Same result


I am playing in 16.4 for now...  works fine...  Maybe it will straighten out in A19....


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