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Sleepers are not respawning/clear quests are bugged.


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Firstly, I apologize if there is any post that is similar, I tried doing a search and didn't see anything (unless I'm blind). Feel free to close this thread if there is one and if you could link me to it I'd greatly appreciate it.

I have of recent encountered a problem with sleepers and clear quests, I believe they are linked somehow. I recently switched server hosting due to frequent disconnecting issues on their part. I transferred my world saves and the serverconfig to the newly created server by a different host. As a result the day reset from (approximately) day 77 to day 1. I didn't see the issue with this as our player levels and base was still intact. After a week of in game time I then began to notice that the clear quests were impossible to complete my friends noticed this as well as there were no more zombies/entities to kill even though we previously completed it without fail before.

After that we notice that sleepers were no longer spawning. I spent about a day playing/researching with the settings to see if I could correct this. I tried to adjust the time to roughly the same as before, I tried server updates, I tried increasing the max spawns. Most of all I tried waiting to see if it would sort itself out for about 7-14 days in game. None of that worked. 

I did manage to find a fix by deleting certain regions. However, our bases are built in a city so I was unable to delete the region where our current base resides without deleting our progress. I was wondering if it would be possible to edit the region file where our base resides to save our bases while replacing the rest of the things? If so, how would I go about doing that. 

If not, if someone has a fix for the sleepers not re spawning I would very much so be thankful if you would share it.


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