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My son is having issue with 18.4 loading

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My son is having an issue running 7 Days to Die. When attempting to load a new game or a save game it gets to Initializing World and it stays there for at least three to four time longer what it takes on my machine. Then once it finally loads its very very choppy. Anyone have any ideas for me?


He has reload a new game and it still does it. I don’t know how to validated files through Steam. He is running a Dell Laptop with a CPU I7-6700HQ that runs at 2.6 GHZ and her Video card is Nvida GeForce GTX 960M with 4 GB of Direct memory and he has 8GB of RAM plus 8 GB of free memory on his hard drive.

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Without out knowing your PC specs, it's going to be hard to compare.


Based on the information you provided here though I can tell you this.

1. It's a mobile GPU, so it's not going to perform as well as a desktop GPU.

2. That CPU barely meets minimum requirements as a desktop chip. In a laptop, it will only meet requirements when it is configured for maximum performance, and the laptop is plugged into AC.

3. Be sure to check the power profile for the GPU too in the Nvidia Control Panel. It should also be set to Maximum Performance.

4. 8GB RAM is the minimum. When that gets maxed out, the client has to use the Pagefile which is super slow.


TL:DL, that laptop is not really up to par. Need to change power settings, ensure all bloatware is gone, and double the RAM installed.

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