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Resident Evil Challenge


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Trying to come up with a viable way to create an interesting game mode (RE style)


my rules so far:

1: Light armor only (Military vest is as close to police style gear, but no armor to start)

2: Pistol to start (T1 with a full clip and enough to refill once)

3: Loot % at 50% for the first week, then it's down to 25% forever

4: Level 25, if I haven't found a pump shotgun, I can spawn a T1 with just 1 clips worth of ammo

5: Level 50 I can spawn in a rocket launcher, but only 2 rockets (considered boss ammo)

6: I can only store items in End OF Dungeon chests (EG: Reinforced chests/hardened large chests) to simulate the storage boxes of the RE franchise

7: I must travel on foot always (unless a quest takes me to the next town, in which case a 4X4 will be spawned with fuel and scrapped upon mission completion*) (*When I turn in the quest)

8: No junk turret except on horde night, unless I unlock smg/shotgun turrets, in which case junk turrets are no longer usable

9: Zombies will be set to walk during the day and night, but spawn rates will be increased heavily

10: damage to bodies has been modified to do 10% of usual, while headshots will do 200%, so aiming for the head is a must


Map style: Nitrogen built (as close to 20% forested, 20% burned forest, 40% city and 20% wasteland as possible, no desert as shale won't be a need as hoofing it is the majority usage)


This is literally the bare bones idea im working with, and I'd like any ideas/input to make this as fun and challenging as possible. Personal spin/flair encouraged

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