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Travel / Time Limited


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Now on day 117 I think it is. Really getting into it but I've explored as much as I can using one main base and hardly ventured out over any great distance.


One of the problems I've got is that I think I've made my main base too big (can take about one in game hour getting in and out of it because I have to place blocks over all the traps!). It also takes a good day or so to get it ready for the next Horde night and after the Horde night another day repairing it and looting the zombies. I've made a mini base some distance away from the main base, but I'm sort of having the same problems even though it is a lot smaller. So I have a few questions:


What do people use to get in and out of their bases? Reinforced doors? Tunnels? Blocks over their traps?


Do people just return to their main base every 7 days or do they have several different Horde bases scattered around the world that they use? 


Is it still a case that every Horde night gets more difficult until it gets to the 7th Horde night and then resets? Eg 49th day is the worst Horde night and then the Horde on the 56th day is the same as day 7 Horde night? Reading info on here and other places I thought it was like that, but the 105th day Horde night (which i though would have been like the 7th day one) was quite big with Zombie cops and dogs etc which.


Do people just build temporary Horde night bases that can withstand a 49th night attack and then move on / abandon it rather than repairing it? This is something I'm considering doing whist having a main base that I go back every so often to drop lot off and craft items if needed. Presently I don't go back to a base every night (apart from Horde nights), but if out exploring on a normal night (say on day 10) , I might use a temporary structure made of blocks or temporary measures on any random house to shelter in until the night has passed. That way I can get out and about a bit further


Any other tips on travelling to different places as this is another issue at the minute? I can't really go out and explore too much as I only have about 5 days travelling. This includes going back to my base for the Horde night so I can't really get far. The other two days are spent reinforcing my base as described above. Also, it's a pain having to move loot from one area to another to get it to where I want (main base) in stages. This eats up time as well.


I'm on the PS4 if that helps and thanks for your time in advance.


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Depends on your playstyle. Most times we build a small bloodmoonbase with reasonable defenses. But that's not our main base where store our stuff and do crafting. The mainbase has just "minor" defenses and is more or less only screamer-proof. BM-Base is usually 100-150m away from our living base.

Intrance and entrance are mostly jump gabs... sometimes we use drawbridges or tunnels. The living base does not need to be that secure as we don't play the bloodmoon there anyway and the bloodmoon base more or less needs quick access since we usually really fight the bloodmoon instead of let the base do all the stuff.


Usually we stay out for days, sometimes even the full week until we return to our living/BM-base. But it depends, since we got bored of the regular bloodmoon every sunday, we made the bloodmoon more random and disabled the red number. So we keep track on when a bloodmoon may happen and stay in range of our base so that we can safely make the way back to the bloodmoon base as soon as the thunder starts.


Last playthrough we tried completely different as nomad style and did not build any base at all, but just used POIs (of course upgraded them a little), and even that POIs need to be changed after at least 7 days or 2 bloodmoons (with completely random bloodmoons). We reduced zombie count per player (iirc to 4?) and are playing in a duo. We are on day 60 now and it still works out very well. And we already discovered half of the 8K map. But we already got demolishers on the last 3 bloodmoons. As we are playing on completely random bloodmoons, day 60 doesn't mean we only had 8 bloodmoons. In fact if didn't misscount, we already had 11 bloodmoons and the next one should be in the next 1-2 days. We even had bloodmoon on day 2 AND 3. :D


The strength of the horde depends on your gamestage. And so they will become stonger and stronger. There is no reset at any time. Don't know where this myth of the 7th bloodmoon would be strongest comes from.


Don't know how big your map is, but with ~5 days of time and a minibike you should be able to explore still far away. Another way is to build another base 1-2 days away from your current base.


Edit: Ah, you are playing on PS4... so it's like A14... then it should be even much easier, as the Zs are much dumber, defenses are much stronger and demolishers didn't even exist, compared to the current PC version.

In that version you could even dig a hole down, close above you and just wait till bloodmoon is over, then go out and continue. Zombies didn't dig down back then, so they will just run in circles on the surface.

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That's a brill reply. Thanks ever so much. I think I'll just build mini blood moon bases when getting near the blood moon (need better weapons so I don't have to rely on base defenses - only got bow and arrow for long range really) and head back to my main bases every so often to drop supplies off. I also find myself picking up nearly every item which I need to stop doing.

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