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New Alpha 12.5 run


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I decided to start a new game in alpha 12 since my "new" potato computer can't handle A18.


Holy @%$*#! I thought it was just nostalgia but it's a total blast. Walking around outside is actually scary. The zombies blend in a lot better with the enviroment, especially in the wasteland, so I often hear them before I see them. Fighting zombies always seems to attract more of them, so fighting just one in the night is unpredictably dangerous. The slower walk speed for the player and the zombies makes things more suspenseful. I tried the cheese tactic I learned from A15 onwards of hitting zombies from a two-block ledge, but was taken by surprise with the gore blocks.


Crafting is a lot more difficult; there are no queues, things need to be broken up, and the crafting times are much longer for basic stuff. I like it though in a kind of sadistic way, it really makes the constant trickle of zombies in the wilderness feel annoying. My only major gripe is how long it takes to split a stack.


I was looting a car and thought I was in luck because I found a Vension Stew, but suddenly heard the sounds of zombies and zombie dogs sniffing and nearly died from the commotion.


Anyway. I died twice on the first day, so I'm starting a new world. I'll post updates when I get to the later game.

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