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Question: how diff to rework 1x1 Trigger Plate to a half-height model?

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Currently using a base setup with half-height lanes for zeds to traverse. So Blade Traps (BTs) only hit tall zs.


I've set a 1-block horizontal gap between BTs where there are upward facing Dart Traps, currently triggered by Trip Wires (TWs). E-fencing across that space to stun-lock zs.


What I've noticed is that the TWs aren't very effective. I think due to the zeds moving forward and w lag and such they seem to get stun-locked outside of the TWs effective area.


So I'd like to try using 1x1 Trigger Plates instead of wires. Can do so now with current model but it'll cause zed heads to bob up n down when crossing the half-height difference between the Trigger Plate and the average lane height.


Wondering if adding advanced rotation option to cycle through half-height, or centered(?), orientations would be a pita or readily doable?


In pic below you can just see the Iron Bars in a Centered position, at foot height, past where the first BT was; before I accidentaly set off a demolisher... Would like that to be a Centered 1x1 Trigger Plate.




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