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Quests or Challenge?

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Instead of just quests, why not use a pool of the TFP staff's personal
ideas and also create challenges.  Many of the responses to whatever you
add both here and on the vids, no matter how good the additions are,
that was too easy, I can do that like this.


So the foundational or underlying thought is Challenge.

Example: Using the "Event System" written about combined with "TFP"
input, There is a local base, impervious until nightfall, filled with
dilapidated boards, and some of the strongest AI. Full of desired loot,
and weapons.


The exterior blocks are all trader protected so no cheesing.
The interior blocks are stress supports so must be careful or excess
structural damage by player or ai causes cave in, being trapped, and death.
Player placed blocks degrade rapidly and are destroyed. Torches have
a short life span then are destroyed.


Randomized locations of lootholders behind plain looking boards, or non-obvious
locales. Radioactive and poisonous areas included. EMP and RF flux causes
flashlights to flicker, and turrets to fail. That would leave torches and basic mechanical weapons.


Include screamers, to raise the dead, no entity ai is excluded from res.
can only be entered at dusk, timer is set to eject player at dawn then it resets
POI so no leaving stuff behind to continue. If you die you are ejected with no
backpack just belt accessories.


A player would have to plan more carefully. The only way out is through, The weapons received

are in the form of the trader recover packs so they can't be stored in the belt slots. If player

survived, then they could be turned in at trader for weapons and armorments exchange

dependant on level and type of packet.


It would showcase POI interior culling, the linear lighting added, the music system, Event system,

Stealth, sleeper and awake ai. POI dungeon creation in place now. Radiation and dysentery in place

now. A good first poi would be the Nav House on the hill dungeon.


You can call it "The Horde in a Box Challenges". or "Beat the Clock".

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