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I managed to dig up my login details for the mediafire account i used the last time i modded 7dtd

Sadly most of what i had done has been deleted due to my inactivity...but whatever is there and you feel that it holds up is free for public use.

the url is : http://www.mediafire.com/folder/foys291tvxd82/7d2d_icons

example icons:
8lggntdbw6m985zzg.jpg Sham sandwich6hqb432mglumdy7zg.jpgGlueg9q44x9nxqf2m36zg.jpg keys 5hbzu88600rmor3zg.jpgahxglh6j7iq4pq6zg.jpgbeer bottles 
WARNING: If you plan to use/adapt the old recipes..... the naming puns are real..

PS..please no requests for removing drop shadows etc...editing this or that...i have no .psd files ..the icons come as they are.

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