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Saving regions for new game.. odd things?

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Not sure what is intended, and what is not, however:


Saving a region that has your base and resetting the game as posted in another thread, does work just fine.

Note that the regions are rather large.  I got my main base, 2 of my open pit mines, and my first horde base.


Notable things:


Batteries and Solar cells in said banks, vanish. (not fine, but if intended, no problem, just have to empty them first)

Wiring for electrical, vanishes.  (odd, and very annoying.  where is that info stored?)

Vehicles in open, vanish.  (probably in the vehicles file which got deleted, which is fine)


Vehicles in storage boxes, stay.

Items that were crafted in the forge, waiting for pickup, are fine.

Smelted items in the forge (the iron/clay etc), fine.


Unlocked boxes are ok, locked boxes I had no issue with, as I have admin access (so can unlock the one box I missed)


It does work, and hilarious to have all the goodies saved over 100 days available. hee-hee.

(yeah, is a bit of overkill but..)


Mostly concerned about the wiring, and the batteries/solar cells.  The horde base that had the generators/dart traps I didn't save,

but have a copy of that game, so will grab that region too, and check. (generator, dart traps, shotgun turrets)

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