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Duel Wield Idea


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Hey all, 

So I have been having a talk with a lot of players and came up with the idea of adding a balanced Dual Wield mechanic to the game. For example in early game, you either use a torch to see or a weapon to fight. Why not have it so you can carry the torch off-hand so you can at least see during your fight. Want to Dual Wield pistols. Put two points into the Dual Wield skill which would require 3 points in Agility or Strength. It's just a thought that would allow players more diversity. Using a Pistol and a Flashlight, Torch and a one handed Pick. What does everyone else think :) 

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4 hours ago, Made_Manifest said:

What does everyone else think

Well, on the one hand...

But seriously, I think it probably could be balanced well enough to fit. IMO there would need to be significant restrictions to it. Things like:

  • Must buy Level 1 of the perk to even start, and that only lets you dual-wield a torch, food, or drink in the off hand (and not attack with it)
  • Levels 2-5 of the perk grant you off-hand attacks and better choices
  • Primary and off-hand melee attacks should do reduced damage when dual-wielding (maybe 10% on the primary, 50% on the off-hand)
  • Stamina use while dual-wielding should be greater (with the penalty reduced as you gain more ranks)
  • Off-hand limited to club/torch, pistol, SMG, food & water (no medical supplies)
  • No off-hand weapon allowed with rocket launcher, M60, or bows/crossbows (unless hand-crossbow becomes a thing)
  • No precise aiming when dual-wielding
  • Molotov, TNT, & grenade could be off-hand, but with a tiny chance of them getting activated if you are in melee combat
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