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Mod for 4x4 sound


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Is there a mod that makes the 4x4 sound not be so terrible? Replace the sound with something easier to digest somehow perhaps?


The over-rev of the engine is so unpleasant that I can't stand driving that vehicle.


I just installed a mod that gives me the Willy Jeep and it uses the same sound, except that it is even worse since it over-revs in Normal speed AND in high speed. Plus the Willy jeep is hard to handle, probably deliberately because it feels quite a bit faster than the 4x4, but the speed benefit and the large storage makes it better overall.



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This might be a little necromancy (heh, necromancy in a zombie game forum 😅), but I've made my own after searching for it without success. I've just replaced the 4x4 racing sound with the Motorcycle rumbling.

Curiously friends of mine have had issues with vanishing sounds with this modlet, while it worked perfectly fine for me. (Mod only installed on a dedicated server, no client installation, so it should affect all of us equally.) Might be either due to lag or lack of PC Performance though, not sure.

Maybe you (or possibly others who stumple upon this thread) can add some experiences as well.


Enjoy! (If you notice this message.)


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