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Custom Level/Prefab Editor Gets Stuck On “Building World” screen.

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same problem ;-; its the second time this happened to me, my favorite world got stuck 3 months ago and i started a new one and this one got stuck too, im stuck on the last stage, i can still hear the game, i know a couple things maybe u can relate. the time in the game still moves i confirmed it in the first incident i was near a trader and i heard his voice. also before the game got stuck this time i was kinda glitched, i had a power surge and my computer shut down, when i joined back the time got reversed back tho i still had some things left on my inventory, tho everything in the map has turned back, when i went a little further the world stopped loading correctly and i fell under the world, it teleported me back without the ability to move nothing. i quit the game and came back and it got stuck and wouldnt load the last stage


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