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Individual Zombie Customization and More Custom Options


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So this one is a bit more technical that my last post ‘Graveyard Hoards.’ So bare with me.


With this, you can customize the spawn rate of individual zombies as well as turn on and off their spawn conditions.


This is how it works, you select a zombie, then mess with whatever settings you want. A list of exactly what you can do is below.


-Spawn Frequency: 0% (never spawn)-200% (spawn twice as often)


-Spawn Biome: Default (spawns in the biome it normally spawns in), Not Specified (can spawn in any biome), *insert every other biome in the game cuz I’m too lazy to type it all* (will spawn in the biome you select)


-Feral/Radiated Frequency: 0% (will never be Feral/Radiated)-100% (will always be Feral/Radiated)


-Spawn At Day: *set day number*(this will indicate when this type of zombie will begin spawning)


-Spawn Due to Heat: *set heat number*(indicates how active a chunk must be in order to make this zombie spawn)



There could be other modifiers like Can Only Spawn In Day/Night, Speed Customization, HP, Combat Power, Spawns In Towns, Spawns In The Open, Pursuing Time, Awareness and other scalars that are already in the game, but split to be for individual zombie types.


Feel free to reply with any more suggestions to this topic and like it to see if we can get this added! It would be awesome for custom levels and worlds especially. As well as adding some more dynamic to gameplay.



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