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Dedicatd not showing up under LAN


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Hello, I'm having a strange issue that the server is not showing up under LAN but I can connect via IP and port without a problem.

I'm hosting the server on windows 2019 server edition separate machine.

All firewalls are off, no AV installed on neither systems.

I have actually been trying to set the server live but it seems the ISP is blocking my ports so I will see tomorrow to resolve. for now, I need to understand why it's not showing up under LAN but can be accessed over IP?

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I figured it out and as insane this might sound it might help somebody.

Anyway, I have checked the performance of my server and I have seen it reporting 24GB of RAM instead of 32GB?

That was odd and after investigation, the module is dead however it did not report dead and even in mem test it all went well with the module inside 0 errors...

Also, I had 3 days trouble port forwarding and I could have not forward a port but it was all well configured again very odd!

The funny part is all was functioning well no errors, BSOD's nothing!

After removing the dead stick all of a sudden everything works like magic ports forwarded, game shows in LAN, etc. etc.

It does sound insane so I decided to put it back and all the trouble came back with a dead stick...

So whoever has any similar issues hope you read this!

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