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Zombie Spawn Issues


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I recently started a server for my friends and I. We got pretty far. We were able to build a gyro copter and truck.


However, recently zombie spawns at our base have been out of control. In a 24 hour period we were killing 8+ screames. Now it is to the point that if we spend any time there at all we have to lock down and turn on the traps. We killed a blade trap in less than an hour.


Any idea what is causing this or how to fix it? Is this just because of our level and the fact that the 3 of us are in the base together?



<property name="MaxUncoveredMapChunksPerPlayer" value="131072"/>

<property name="PersistentPlayerProfiles" value="false"/>

<property name="GameWorld" value="Navezgane"/>

<property name="WorldGenSeed" value="asdf"/>

<property name="WorldGenSize" value="4096"/>

<property name="GameName" value="My Game"/>

<property name="GameMode" value="GameModeSurvival"/>

<property name="GameDifficulty" value="2"/>

<property name="BlockDamagePlayer" value="100"/>

<property name="BlockDamageAI" value="100"/>

<property name="BlockDamageAIBM" value="100"/>

<property name="XPMultiplier" value="100"/>

<property name="PlayerSafeZoneLevel" value="5"/>

<property name="PlayerSafeZoneHours" value="5"/>

<property name="BuildCreate" value="false"/>

<property name="DayNightLength" value="60"/>

<property name="DayLightLength" value="18"/>

<property name="DropOnDeath" value="1"/>

<property name="DropOnQuit" value="0"/>

<property name="BedrollDeadZoneSize" value="15"/>

<property name="BedrollExpiryTime" value="45"/>

<property name="MaxSpawnedZombies" value="60"/>

<property name="MaxSpawnedAnimals" value="50"/>

<property name="ServerMaxAllowedViewDistance" value="20"/>

<property name="EnemySpawnMode" value="true"/>

<property name="EnemyDifficulty" value="0"/>

<property name="ZombieMove" value="0"/>

<property name="ZombieMoveNight" value="3"/>

<property name="ZombieFeralMove" value="3"/>

<property name="ZombieBMMove" value="3"/>

<property name="BloodMoonFrequency" value="7"/>

<property name="BloodMoonRange" value="0"/>

<property name="BloodMoonWarning" value="8"/>

<property name="BloodMoonEnemyCount" value="15"/>

<property name="LootAbundance" value="100"/>

<property name="LootRespawnDays" value="30"/>

<property name="AirDropFrequency" value="50"/>

<property name="AirDropMarker" value="true"/>

<property name="PartySharedKillRange" value="100"/>

<property name="PlayerKillingMode" value="3"/>

<property name="LandClaimCount" value="1"/>

<property name="LandClaimSize" value="60"/>

<property name="LandClaimDeadZone" value="50"/>

<property name="LandClaimExpiryTime" value="12"/>

<property name="LandClaimDecayMode" value="0"/>

<property name="LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier" value="6"/>

<property name="LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier" value="6"/>

<property name="LandClaimOfflineDelay" value="0"/>

<property name="SaveGameFolder" value="d:\home\sid_224077\sevenDaysLatestExperimen tal\saves"/>

<property name="UserDataFolder" value="d:\home\sid_224077\sevenDaysLatestExperimen tal\saves"/>

<property name="TelnetPassword" value="CHANGEME"/>



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lol, wow. Oh man... yes. that is it exactly. I was unaware of that mechanic. We have the furnace going 24/7, a billion candles, campfire, generator, ect. All at once. all the time.


<iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/qMqjZkmMi8wFO" width="480" height="240" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-lauging-lold-qMqjZkmMi8wFO">via GIPHY</a></p>

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