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Transferring player data to new map issues (A18.4)


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I run a Windows dedicated server on the latest version of the game, and after playing a world with some friends, we've decided to start a new world with a different seed, but want to preserve our characters, that is, keeping all the skills and xp.


I've seen many topics that say all you have to do is copy the player folder from the 7D appdata of the old map into the new one, but that doesn't fully work. It does preserve the character and skills/xp, as well as the current inventory which is fine. But it also brings over the map data from the old map, which obviously doesn't match the new one. I also just tried to copy over the playerID.ttp file and deleting the .map one, but that still resulted in the same behavior. So it essential all works except for this map issue. I even also created backups of the old map and moved that completely out of the appdata folder so now the only save in there is the new world, and it still happens which is interesting since the ttp file is only 14kb, unless it's cached somewhere else that I missed.

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