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Old Ai and New Ai!


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I wanted to start off by saying I really love the game you guys made and always trying to make things more fun and better for us. I know there are tons of games that's gotten completely dropped by the developers.


My suggestion or request is if there could be a mixed variety of Zombie AI? I never made those fool proof bases that people did to cheat 7th days, and I loved defending the walls around my base while they attacked from every side. I still like the current game's AI trying to get to me through the path of least resistance, but I was wondering if there was a way to make it so that maybe 50% of the zombies can spawn with the old habit to create a sort of variety or at least make it an option to mix both.


I could also be completely remembering it wrong. I thought it would be cool to focus defending the path that the zombies are trying to get to me and also worry that the back of my base could blow up. I loved checking the damages after the 7th day was over just to see what kind of art the zombies made of my base. I do apologize if this is a suggestion you guys get a lot, but I couldn't find it looking through everything.


Thanks guys!

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It has been posted in Dev Diaries if you read through them, so at you posted in right place. Fatal has kind of done this if zombie can't get to you, some will just start "Hulk smash" mode on nearest block.


Thanks I'll try to look for the Dev Diaries, but the problem with that one is that they won't start hulk smashing until they can't find a way. I want some zombies to just straight up destroy everything in a straight line to get to me. That way i can see clear damages to the wall after the day is over. Or like they end up making a new hole that the smarter AI start pathing through, because that would be so cool if all my defenses are piled on the front area then a random zombie makes a hole somewhere and now I have to worry about that hole where all the smart AI decided was better idea to go through. I play with a lot of friends when making a base and I would love it if on day 7 we were all fighting then go "Uhhh... Where are they all going?" "Oh no..." *Chad dies*. It would really be a cool synchronized mix that end up adding complexity to the zombie attack on day 7.


Do you guys know if there is any mod that does something like that where it adds both?

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