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Zombie Population Idea - Controlled Respawning


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I posted this as a response to another thread and decided to add it here so maybe get a few more eyes on it to see if anybody else likes the idea.


I propose adding a special spawn area that can be assigned to towns and cities that allow for 1)increasing the number of zombies in that area, and 2)setting a respawn variable to allow how quickly the area can fill back up with zombies.

Please note this does not include things like the daily horde, screamer zombies from heat mapping and blood moons. I am only focused on area spawning.


Right now, since towns and cities share spawning with the wilderness areas around them, you can have times where all the spawns are outside the town and leave the city empty with very few zombies. Also, if you go to a town and in 1-2 days kill all the wandering zombies that are not inside a POI you would have 3 - 5 days ( I think) of no zombies wandering, then the entire area respawns and you are back at 'full capacity' again.


If we can get these special spawn areas added, then it would allow for more zombies in and around towns and cities which would be good for increasing the risk on going in there initially. That is the easy part to see.

The second part which I am thinking of is more or less the number of zombies allowed to spawn each day in that area.

So for example, we have a town area that has 3 values; max alive at 50, respawn delay at 3 and max respawn a day at 5. You come into town and spend the first day or two killing all the wandering zombies. Then you have a clear town for a couple days to start looting. Ordinarily, within 3 days, all the zombies would respawn and you would have another 50 to kill while trying to loot POIs. With this system it slows down the respawn so that only 5 wandering zombies spawn a day. So, in this case if you stayed in the town looting and killing the wandering zombies when encountered you can keep the area 'cleared' and low risk for several days while you are working on POIs. But, if you left the town for 10 days to go to another town, the one you left would have time to respawn all the zombies and be full of activity when you returned.


Does that make sense? I think it would add a fun dynamic to the game.


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