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Linux Dedicated Server Repeatable Lockup


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Anyone have any suggestions on trouble shooting a re-occurring Server Hang?

CPU on server will lock up 1 core at 100% (prior to the bug all cores are functioning normal)


A18.4 (b4)

steamcmd validation completed


last few entries in log file remain the same every time (assumed this is the source)


time stamps removed

INF AIDirector: Spawning scouts at (-700.0, 51.0, 1403.0), towards (-769.0, 37.0, 1363.0)

INF Spawning this wave: 1

INF Spawned [type=EntityZombie, name=zombieScreamer, id=27331] at (-699.5, 51.4, 1399.5) Day=38 TotalInWave=1 CurrentWave=1

INF AIDirector: scout horde spawned '[type=EntityZombie, name=zombieScreamer, id=27331]'. Moving to point of interest


these last 5 lines appear every time the cpu is at 100%

destination is a fortified base, ground level to below ground base,

if it matters the base does have a water based spiked moat....


we have thought that it was just to difficult for the AI to path its way in, so we added a few paths, issue has continued to plage


The zombieScreamer has been able to spawn in other locations with no issue

if zombieScreamer is spawned at (or near) same location, manually and lead towards same location, issue does not surface


Thanks in advance


PasteBinLink: https://pastebin.com/kdcLTMhN

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