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Some changes IMO

Adam the Waster

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After replaying again, i have been having fun but their are a few things that imo that could be changed

  • Loot: Loot is a very vaulted in the Wasteland but to get some items is Way to easy. mostly due to reinforced chest. "when i was on day 3 i looted a small home and i looked in the chest and got a iron mask, a AK47, and a double barrel shotgun" maybe their could be "tiers" of Boxes.
    • "Reinforced wooden chest" it could be found in smaller and easy POIs, and items included some resources like Wood, tape and some parts Rarely, Tier 1 items rarely, arrows, Molotovs, and Super Rarely a Pistol or hunting rifle (mostly Level 1). But Smaller POIS would mostly rely on Boxes like working stiffs
    • Iron Chest: moslty found in Harder POIS and the chest has ok level tier 2 items , better resources, books , money , parts and Much better Tier 1 items.
    • and Iron reinforced chest should be found in much harder POIS and should stay the same in terms of loot
    • and harden Chest can stay the same

    [*]Ammo: back then early game you mostly used a Bow and Super rarely you could find a Pistol. now with the loot you could be on day one and have a double barrel shotgun with a ok amount of ammo. this could be solved with the Ammo piles, smaller ones should give you Very little ammo like maybe 2 shells , 1 rilfe round and maybe 6 9mm rounds. and you could also could find Arrows and bolts and very rarely special arrows like fire arrows

    [*]Some Weapon buffs: the Leather Taps could just have a Small buff like 4 extra damage.


    [*]Better Level buffs: TPH i really don't know what levels do. so maybe it can buff durability, damage, and attack speed.


    [*]Animals: I think that 7DTD should have more worries (Zombies , people , Animals , weather) some more animals could spawn in more biomes


    [*]Forest: Rabbit , Snake , mountain lion, Bear , wolf, deer, boar and coyote

    [*]Desert: Snake , Rabbit, Chicken , Boar , Mountain lion, vulture, and Coyotes

    [*]Burnt forest: Zombie dog , Zombie bear, Deer , Boar , Coyote , Bear , Mountain lion, and vulture

    [*]Snow: Rabbit , mountain lion, Bear , wolf, deer, boar and coyote

    [*]Wasteland: Zombie dog and bear , boar , Coyote, wolf, Montanan lion, Vulture, Snake and Rabbits


    [*]Food and drink: drinking Murkey water has a higher chance to give you dysentery or even a Infection (due to water being contaminated with Zombie blood and flesh), same with food but its food poisoning,

    [*]and some foods you craft up with food ingredients will now give you passive buffs. (Example: meat Stew would boost strength and Club damage, While Veggie stew would boost Bow range and reload speed)

    [*]Zombie TLC: some Zombies could get a Nice update (mostly special zeds)


    [*]Screamer: able to due a AOE Scream that lures lower amount of zeds but can stun you if way to close, Able to spit Blood at you to kinda blind you, able to spawn during later bloodmoons, a Animation when she is about to scream so you can just kill her in the nick of time


    [*]Spider: able to Jump up 15 blocks with little to no issue (just like how normal zombies can jump one block), able to leap and "tackle you" by hitting you while leaping, A venom bite that causes slight blurriness (like if you are drunk) and acts like a Bleed, but if you take Vitamins your Immune.


    [*]Cop: able to "Disarmed" his spit and Blow up by shooting his gut and if enough Damage is taken his gut will Pop and a big hole will be their and he can't spit or blow up, 2 kinds of Spit, Long Range Acid spit (like what he has now) and a Mid range "gas shot" and once it hits something it will explode into a Gas that will damage you and "mark you" to zombies, and if he goes BOOM he will also leave behind a Giant Gas cloud.


    [*]Vulture: the Anti vehicle Zombie, does more damage to vehicles (mostly during blood moons) and will try to tear them apart but will break the car so you can't drive (it will not explode) and they act like a Drone so if they see you from the air then most zeds will "spot you" if you kill it they will lose you


    [*]Feral Wight: the most feared zed, Able to Slash you to parts very quickly, a Lung , will only die if you break the skull but will still lose hp but if you drain it, it will stay at 1 until you ether Set it on Fire or Head shot!, Able to slowly heal, able to jump 5 blocks high!, has Very Bright red eyes! and has 900 Hp


    [*]Demolishers: has a High Resistance to Explosives, has a Chance to spawn without C4, Electrical fences, and stun batons can disable the C4,


    [*]Simi special zombies:

    [*]hazmat zombie: Immune to fire, tank on the back can explode if shot and may kill the zombie but will only emit a Gas, higher chance of Infection

    [*]Solder: able to slight "dough" attacks mostly melee, has a Lower chance of arming a Landmines,

    [*]Biker: has a slight Charge that will damage people , Cars, walls, and even other zeds, only uses when kinda far, and will Roar when he is going to.

thanks for reading, i was kinda broad and thought of this.

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