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Mod conflict detection / prevention


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Hello everyone!


Currently when you start a new world, game tries to load all your mods and shows you warnings and errors in the console when something goes wrong. Most of the time these messages are not much helpful, especially when you have like 80+ mods installed and it throws some error about some specific word that may be relevant to two random mods in that list and it doesn't directly tell you which mods exactly are in conflict. Another good example are loot containers. If you have two mods that use the same ID for loot, they won't work together in one game. Game throws an error when you start a new world, but again, doesn't tell you which mods are in conflict.


It would be very helpful and much faster for us to figure out what's wrong with our mod list and how to fix it if we had a way to check our mod list for these problems without the need to start a new game and if we also got some more detailed information about what exactly went wrong in each mod that has some conflict, that would be awesome.


Better yet, if the game could also prevent some of these conflicts automatically for us by assigning unique IDs to individual loot containers (and other things that may be in conflict with other mods), that would be awesome. Well, at least in those scenarios that would make sense. For example, if you're trying to change the properties of the forge twice, it cannot be assumed that the second change is safe - in this case it would at least let you know which mods are in conflict. But if you are creating two loot containers with the same ID, the second one could probably get its own unique ID automatically, that would be one less conflict to solve for the player.

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