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wrn spawned entity with wrong pos


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I am running a dedicated server, V18.4 and it's been runnin great. Loving the game again after a hiatus...


Today, I logged in and did a few things and logged out. I forgot something and went to join back up and it hangs at the "Creating Player" screen and a console window comes up saying

WRNn spawned entity with wrong pos and it's trying to spawn me at 0,0,0. Is there any way to fix this? I have a lot of progress and don't want to delete my player or reset the server.


Help would be greatly appreciated.




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After trying multiple things with no success, I just started a new world. I have found multiple instances of this happening to other people and I've yet to find a thread with a solution. I can't believe there's no fix for this. If anyone happens upon this thread and have some kind of working solution for the issue, I'd love to hear from you.

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