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Game Freezing and Crashing for Players


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I've been hosting a game so me and my mum could play. The game is working perfectly on my computer and it used to work perfectly on my mum's computer, but lately it's been freezing and crashing on her's, to the point where she can't be in-game for more than ten minutes before it crashes. We've tried everything - validating the files, cleaning the computer, cleaning my computer, validating my own files, tweaking settings both in-game and on her Nvidia, and nothing has worked.


Is anyone else having the same problem? Is it just my mum's computer, or is it the 18.4 build? Are the specs on Steam outdated? Is there something else we could try? It's one of our favourite games to play together.


EDIT: Mum has a rather good Windows 7 computer. I have a very nice Windows 10.

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Please read the Sticky thread and follow the instructions.


Yes, Steams specs are a little out-dated. Though they aren't off my much for a mostly playable experience.


Sadly, unless you tell me what hardware you have, I can't tell you what you need to do.


Lastly, this isn't a bug report so I'm moving it to a more appropriate forum section.

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