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Items that cannot be infinitely repaired


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This is something I would find interesting. Having items be repairable only a limited amount of times before they are permanently broken and will need to be scrapped for parts and re-crafted.

It would make crafting more viable in the later game-stages when you got lvl6 gear of everything. I love this dynamic in Dying Light and I think it would work in 7 days as well.

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My easy fix for this was to simply remove the repair kit recipe from the game.


I tried a cool mod for weapon breakage but it didn't effect armor. I thought of changing every item's repair item to it's main parts.


Really, though, the reason you never lose use of your gear is because a repair kit require 2 cheap mid level items you have a enormous surplus of because you know to grind 'em early (Forged iron, duct tape.) In my last unmodded playthrough I had a 9mm pistol I found on day 3 that I was still using on day 28. Yawn.


So, I removed the repair kit recipe. Repair kits can still be bought from traders and found in high end loot. But you can't grind up 100X of them early and often. It's an elegant, low effort quality of life compromise.


Your mileage may vary, however. I don't visit the traders anymore because the quest rewards and POI resets kill the difficulty for me. You may want a stronger solution.

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