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  1. I like scrap metal because it looks cool. I love when several blocks adapt their texture into a big, continuous sheet of random welded bits. Metal's big problem is twofold: It's material is shared with other world blocks. Make it too strong and you wont be bashing in that industrial door anytime soon (Of course true wastelanders dig the bricks next to it but I digress) The other issue is concrete has a stupid high durability (5000) and fairly low material cost (OMG rocks, so rare). Anything that isn't RConcrete is just decoration. Oh, and that lack of a proper variant block helper for concrete.... I'm gonna calm down. A19 ain't far away,
  2. My easy fix for this was to simply remove the repair kit recipe from the game. I tried a cool mod for weapon breakage but it didn't effect armor. I thought of changing every item's repair item to it's main parts. Really, though, the reason you never lose use of your gear is because a repair kit require 2 cheap mid level items you have a enormous surplus of because you know to grind 'em early (Forged iron, duct tape.) In my last unmodded playthrough I had a 9mm pistol I found on day 3 that I was still using on day 28. Yawn. So, I removed the repair kit recipe. Repair kits can still be bought from traders and found in high end loot. But you can't grind up 100X of them early and often. It's an elegant, low effort quality of life compromise. Your mileage may vary, however. I don't visit the traders anymore because the quest rewards and POI resets kill the difficulty for me. You may want a stronger solution.
  3. Howdy! I would like a crowbar for A18. I've found a model for A17 that won't load, I have proven myself too inept to update models with Unity and I cannot seem to find a modlet or bundle that just gives a simple crowbar. Preferably I would like a single Unity resource file and I can Xpath the rest. Any directions toward and existing modlet would be much appreciated! Thanks, B P.S. I can't wrap my head around unity so a 600 MB asset file with a crowbar hidden inside it may not help me much.
  4. I would also like to know the answer to this. I've followed countless tutorials, installed multiple versions of unity and other programs, tried all the advice from the wiki and forum. All of it was out of date. Nothing works. The only mod I found that got a new model into the game successfully was some gun mod off the Nexus. It was buggy, incomplete and ultimately caused CTD. Has anyone had success with custom models recently?
  5. Ah, I see you are changing the crop timer. I made a mod very similar to yours and I set the crop growth to be 3X longer and the plants only yield 1 vegetable when harvested. What are your planned changes? I'm only on day 10 of my play through so I haven't been able to relax long enough to start a garden plot (and only recently found my copy of the Farmer's Almanac.) So I am very interested in what you come up with for balance. I also see you didn't like the yucca fruits dropping from cactus. Neither did I, so I removed it, but my longest shelter was a brick building I found out in the desert and I was constantly starving to death. So I set yucca fruit to be harvestable from Cactus06 (the one that is flowering) and reduced its biome spawn rate. Then I changed the yucca juice recipe to use yucca fruit and voila! food and water in the desert, just not much of it.
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